Why IntelliPro?

eXpress Deliveries: Maintain Large inventories
eXpress Product Selection: Fully Equipped Techno-commercial sales team
eXtra Sales Support: Product & Market Specialist for pre-sales support to SI
eXpert Team: Technical Expertise for level 1 support
eXtended Warranties: Providing warranty support to System Integrators
eXperienced Staff: OEM certified technical staff for support services
eXcellent Training: Professional services and training
X-Factor: Field proven Technology X-Factor to System Integrators

About IntelliPro

Intellipro Expert Pvt Ltd will play the role of a Value-Added Distributor (VAD). IntelliproX is part of the new breed of distributors that add value to the process. Value-added distributors (VADs) are crucial to ensure success with current technology. The age of monolithic systems is over and is being replaced by multi-vendor, multi-disciplinary environments that do much more than maintain automation and IT functions. Everyone in business now has a stake in the technology game.

The benefits of partnering with IntelliproX include having access to a driven sales team, market and product specialists, training programs to enable channel partners, technical expertise as required, and in some cases, credit lines. IntelliproX also offers all the value associated with digital logistics, supply chain management, enablement, support, and services.

As a value-added distributor (VAD), IntelliproX not only provides pick, pack, and ship services for the products we sell but also offers differentiating services and solutions that provide additional benefits to our clients.

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